Tuesday, 7 July 2009

no loops for the whoops

i finally removed them stitches today...approximately 4 days after i was due at the specialist. hehe.

the damned doc ignited my feelings of apprehension when he asked me to lie down. DAMN man...i never ever lie flat down if i can help it. i think it showed on my face so he re-adjusted the bed and told me to "just sit up okay already". hehe.

then when the nurse tugged and tugged and tugged at the black threads...i couldnt stop smiling to myself cos obviously the stitches are almost weeks old d right? then her question came, "sudah berapa lama ni?" HAHA...couldnt help it, i laughed and told her watching her mute struggle was pretty funny (probably reassured her that more brutality can be tolerated) and so she handled me like a chunk of beef flank in the butcher chop, and ta daaaa...all came out. then nursie just ferociously sprayed on the 'liquid' plaster onto the wound and MAN that stung :P

because i got hurt at a nightspot, the doctor jokingly asked me, "so, went back there again ah!" then he told me that i shoulda cut myself at a lower position above the ankle, cos "you're that type ma, can put tattoo to cover it la!"
$%&*#@$... yea, so funny. its killin me. ehem ehem. BUT to his credit i did think that the possibility of a tattoo was a pretty decent suggestion... but i'd have to cover the entire calf with disney world or something. ish ish! ISH.

i think this is it fer now...will update soonest. xoxoxoxo.

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