Monday, 29 January 2007

bliss blaat blaarp. hehe.

Mi dear amigos Vishnu and his wife Denise registered last year and last saturday was their wedding dinner. Quite awesome actually...twas a garden wedding with tables, red carpet, pedestal and stage...the works.

Another good thing was i managed to meet up with some fun friends whom i used to work with when i was with Astro. We drank a lil here and there...talked of good logical kick-ass brainy material...of some crap too...come to think of it, and oh course the topic veered towards my babes as well. Everybody didnt get to be updated on my "social life" since i left TPM area, so... kena drilling la..! hehe... They asked me how he was like, how he treated me and (some buayas) asked if it was really serious...the prats.

Yea its serious...i think :P (noooo, jangan pukul i!) hehe...kidding la, i can just imagine the look on his face if my busy lil bee manages to read my blog from time to time! Anyway im actually quite tired...understandable and all y know, since my brain got fried at work :) Neways, take care all...will continue another day. Kindly leave your valuable opinion(s) here if you're itching to say...anything! TTFN!

Saturday, 20 January 2007

oonga oonga!

A tiny revelation came to me just now while i was indulging a rather bad habit outside the house. A bottle of iced tea accompanied me in the process of... y' know, rehydrating while being dehydrated? hehe :P
It may be that i have nothing fantastically exciting to put up this time, but i have to boast a lil' bit about this new iced tea on the market!
No, it's nothing like some black-pearl-shitey-oohlala in some new age cafe. And no, it's not some new isotonic "water" that does not taste like the good ol' h20! *drumroll pls* It's the new iced tea in RED by this L brand! I'll tell you what makes this a class above the rest :) It's noticeably unsweetened, it's RED (colour makes it cool too) and it's decaffeinated! That's right, the L people used the extract of Rooibos tea, or also known as the "red bush" tea.
This might interest you (found some backups on an academic site):

"... the only known source of some essential phytochemicals. Studies indicate that these help to prevent cardiovascular disease, some cancers and stroke. Because rooibos contains NO CAFFEINE, it is suited for babies and children. It has been proven to assist mothers in relieving babies with colic..."

So...there you go :) Have fun, go on and enjoy life with iced tea by the beach but watch those caffeine levels, make sure they won't make you go through the roof! TTFN! :)

Saturday, 13 January 2007


My dearest sister Kristie nagged at me for not regularly updating my blog. So... here goes. Been busy as u s u a l... work schedule has been okay but challenges have been slightly more daunting than most i've encountered before. All's well that ends well now, so everything's just peachy :)
Lifestyle-wise, couldnt ask for more really... Kaj is just fab and i actually think we adore each other for the same litany of reasons! Family is also going with the flow with regard to business and their respective social circles so oh well, aint no complaints there! I'm actually dozing off already...sorry for the frequent excerpts i put up from time to time! Hope i be able to dump some thoughts here soon. Take care yall.....muaks!