Tuesday, 15 July 2008

not so much SOHO

You know the term "time flies when you're having fun"? Well, well, it is no wonder that it has come as a a big surprise to me that time really does fly at my new workplace!
My new colleagues - comprising of team mates and other friendly co-workers are really nice, and i'm just grateful to have the chance to get to know these nice ums. I'm doodling my thoughts on notepad now before uploading them... till more updates then, ttfn! :)

Monday, 7 July 2008

wave me over, anytime

Not feeling all that chirpy these few days, but seeing as ive promised the bali trip update...here it comes!!!(pfffft).

As i enter a title for my latest entry here about the recent bali trip, suddenly many things come to mind. I'm caught almost unawares by the fact that my previous trip(in '07) and my recent one (this June) were both accompanied by my then, and current partner. I dare say that this trip was definitely more exciting and a whole lot more fun... maybe its because id been there just the last year, no? And i had already become quite acquainted with Kuta and that certain stretch of white sands near Jimbaran.

This time my darlingest journeyed with me of cos, along with my parents, and we had quite a trip, though we were all lamenting that those few days werent enough towards the last afternoon. My only regret was not submerging myself amidst those icy, surging waves earlier...we 2 couples only had about half a day on the beach thats all. My mum and dad didnt bother getting wet in the waves, and proceeded to get pampered on the sand (on blankets we had to buy mind you!) with manicures, pedicures, full-body massages and of course bottles of iced teh botol to quench the thirst brought on by the unforgiving rays of mister sun. I've put some pictures below (with captions naturally) so that you can hopefully grasp a little of the feel we went through there before you get to yours later this year *grin*

breakfasting the next morning. i specifically remember our table praising the pork bacon to the skies...yummy and authentic, not like the rubbishy stuff we get at most of our hypermarts (you call that bacon?!?) After feasting, we adventured towards kuta square in search of that long-awaited massage and also to nip a few shopping bargains along the waaay

going through my 2nd childhood as i swing myself crazy in th children's playground. wheeeeee!

getting ready to tan by the resort pool

once our toes gripped onto the sands, i tell you, all that sun couldnt burn out the pure ecstasy in us as we played like kids in the cold water :)

haha...my bebe also got "cold feet" himself whilst trying to get me to sink to my waist in the icy waters! In th end...we both sunk in and boy, was that some adventure for urbanites like us!

And so, we've come to the end of a little show n tell that coulda gone on and on (too many pix la)... but good things have to come to an end, and im sure as hell gonna make it happen again...s o o n...

Sunday, 6 July 2008

one of the more memorable parties yet!

I know i havent been bloggin for a while now...sorry ohk! Anyways, many phases of developments and incidents have passed since the previous melaka trip update! I'd just like to highlight a few memorable events such as my sister's baby shower, my bali trip with my darling and parents...and then some.

As for throwing a baby shower, i remember having to squeeze some time aside to "get the party started". I certainly did not have prior experience to throwing a party, what more a shower to welcome my soon-to-arrive nephew! :) I set about doing a lil research on the net to draw up a baby shower invitation, sms/email/reply to these invitees...luckily i found a really cute baby boyish picture background which i could simply edit some of the corners, colours, insert the date/time/venue/agenda/etc, and also this little poem that i whipped up (with suggestions from mama bear of cos):

It'll be raining mittens and booties at this baby shower
So mark this date down and give me a holler
Thrown in honour of James and Kristie Tan
Your presence is requested to anticipate their new Mister Tan
So come along and skip to our beat
As we welcome their little king with many new treats!

Of course we had to throw a party proper, so everybody was delegated to do something. My parents took care of the f&b and also got the proud soon-to-be-parents a beautiful cot. My step sis-in-law literally just drew up some games, while kristie, me, james and my bebe had to go search for prizes and gaming items. Might as well as give the task back to us, aint that right LAZY? :P My step bro was also informed at the eleventh hour to step in as a games mediator and i got to say he executed it beautifully. The night went on really well, most of the guests who came were away for a while and then back in kl so it was a real chump to see em :) We ended up singing karaoke with some of kitty's colleagues until about 2am++...yeah man. So without further ado, i've put a coupla pix below to give yall a 'feel' of what it was like that day!

James, the proud papa-to-be, helps himself to yummylicious food & beverage

papa and mama bears

yours truly, kitty and mummy cheesing for the camera amidst squeals of "wah you all really look like sisters hor"...

me transferring cottonballs to an empty bowl, spoonful by spoonful. me is the only contestant that tooks the longest! grrrrrrr

kitty slicing up some 'thanks 4 coming to James & Kristie's baby shower' banana chocolate cake

and then we sang the night away...we continued to sing after the guests left :)