Monday, 12 February 2007

herd this week ahead

A Monday Poem

A hairline appears beneath the earth we tread

Air rises to spin in mismatched pulses

Clear skies set berth high winds and raised seas

Bored holes give way to trenches

Shalt not inquire of me why death yawns so.

Friday, 9 February 2007

she'll be comin round the mountain when she comes!

FEB: Going up to genting later today...yes, this very evening! Can't wait maaaan... It's Kaj's birthday today so i thought we celebrate by taking it up to the mountains for some fresh air! update yall soon... :)))

MAY: its waaaay ahead in the month of may and i just thought i would add in a picture of us both from genting for some kinda closure to this post :P we had lotsa together time and enjoyed sipping hot chocolate and coffee in the chill that uncle lim's playground is renowned for!

we also checked out the new rides in the outdoor theme park and totally lost it in the repetition of mind-boggling (literally!) rides! the better part of it was that i wore a denim skirt for the day (silly? yeah i know now) and went for all the caged 360 degree rides anyway! haha... :) first world hotel and the adjoining one next to it has grown so much in terms of new exciting developments... we were dazzled by all there was to offer and practically feasted our senses and pocketmoney there. would we go again? i dunno...lets just say free concert passes might warrant another visit! until then... its hello KL!