Monday, 11 May 2009

banged outta luck

You know the saying: “when it rains, it pours”? Yea that kinda happened to me in the last 2 weeks and shit hit the fan. If you've seen Chicago starring Catherine Zeta Jones and RenĂ©e Zellweger then ya, it really was ‘all that jazz’ and a little too much more.

Friend and I were anticipating a week of luxuriating in Langkawi when BAM! I got involved in a 3-car sandwich with me being the slice of ham. La-dee-da and we all went to make our separate police reports. Police took down my statement and we went up to see the investigative officer...nice fella, him. Helped me so-called reconstruct what happened and he even pulled out the files of the previous two reports to explain how I would have to go about insurance claims. After that, police took photographs of my car and I chugged home with cousy beside me, and her bf following us to subang so that he could ascertain that I reached all the way home (bless him).

Mana tau, just before the damansara toll, my car bonnet flew right up in our faces and smashed against the windscreen! I tried to break as gradually as I could and ducked below the top of the wheel to see where I was driving, and hauled my sorry-ass car to the side. Then, you shoulda seen the looks of incredulity on our faces... we got over the initial shock of having the bonnet fly right up to cover the windscreen and then we started to marvel at how the windscreen didn’t even get smashed...or cracked! Her bf had already turned off our road to use LDP so we had to call him back to where we were. Then we tried bending the damn thing forwards and backwards but it wouldn’t budge. Haiyo... thank heavens that the PLUS patrol came along and they were also extremely understanding and nice. I did wonder at that time if there were cameras up on the opp. buildings. They yanked the bonnet down, tied it in place and sent us on our way (janganlah pandu cepat cepat)...

The next day was a whirlwind of calls to the insurance company and workshops (apart from the many transfers to non-existing officers) and finally I managed to plonk my car into a panel workshop at Jalan 222/3. What’s more, i was supposed to depart to langkawi in the next 2 days AND move to my new place right after my descent to KL! Fucking shit man, seriously. I was so fucking fed up that I couldn’t start a conversation without snapping at somebody. Yea i admit i cried. I was frustrated and i didn’t have any cheap plates to throw.

Langkawi was quite fun, made some new friends who are originally from Portugal, Mexico, France and the UK but are all working in the UK save for one (pictures on FB). The trip was really relaxing for me this time around. It remedied my mind and i actually was much more receptive and productive at work! It also restored my faith in good people.

When i got back, i hated that i had to be so helpless and rely on other people’s cars for simple things like driving out to see Dobbs or to buy makan. What’s more, i was moving house the very next day...with no car. nada. The workshop said my cotton-candy car would be in repairs for an estimate of 1 month...And so my beloved brother-in-law helped me search for a proper car rental at a decent price, and ‘my’ car was delivered to me at my office 2 days after i flew back from the sunny cove. The day after i moved, murphy acknowledged that it was just the right time for me to fall sick. And so the heat intensified and swelled in my head and my sinuses got blocked and the irritable cough started. Swell, eh?

I know you probably didn’t enjoy reading this complaint post as much as i revelled in letting it all out. HEHE... anyways, things are just starting to settle down now. I’ve just enjoyed my first weekend in my own new place, and im just done with antibiotics. Starting to breathe a lil easier now... woot! woot!