Monday, 4 August 2008


I expected a fun weekend of sun, sand and sea for our langkawi trip. Yea it turned out to be all that... and then some! Woohoo!!! You have no idea ;)

Twas a whirlwind of fun and late nights that induced magnificent panda eyes and a head full of pretty white clouds. No complaints whatsoever, we met lots of interesting people...and at the end of the weekend managed to make stampduty with some rather alright people from there :) The people i wanna put the spotlight on in particular are... Aush...(so far still quite heres a shoutout to him: yo de laheehoo!) and 2 other real decent men we met in sunba - cool place, dat. Gotta catch up with them sooooon. I'm guessing bel and i just basked in the lavishness of fun and attention we got out of whom we shall refer to as our "coastal friends"... hehe.

I think bel and i made the right decision to take off that unbelievable though short-lived weekend. Those times made me feel so wildly happy... might be due to the smell of sand and the free tide, but then again perhaps i just felt the need to go akimbo. To leave kl in my pursuit of proper insanity and happiness, if ya know what i mean.

The rebel in me enjoyed the late hours immensely. Kinda reminded me of my Australian days when i boozed on the car porch and neighbours would give me a shoutout in the evenings as i dwaddled the time away beside Oscar, my friends' ex-pooch. It didnt matter that i hardly ever saw the sun rise or set.

Back to being langkawi-ed, i must reiterate what a whirlwind weekend it was man. Time and tide really waits for no 'man' to each her own i say, and ahoy we go! We shot a fair few rounds of pool; Bel in the lead of course :) It isnt any one time and place that my body manages to relax and ease its knots of tension. I miss that slow-paced that we ran through at a gallop... twas a time i felt so wantonly free!

It was there and then (on the last afternoon unfortunately) that i fully understood the ideals of living on location where the home chooses you. I'm kinda jealous because i probably dont hv the guts to tear down the concrete safety walls of kl and move on to oblivion and bliss. If i could find that courage deep inside somewhere, id be there in erm, 2weeks :P

In any case, my weekend stint taught me something i quite forgot, and that is to "enjoy each moment as it comes" I gotta (try and) see to it that its less of Ms Got-A-Bug-Up-Her-Arse and more of the Geisha in action from now slattern, perhaps? Keke...anyhoo pix below, enjoy!

missy having a hullabala time after some tanning

spindly and crawly when alive...and yummily sweet and beautiful when steamed! hehe

the most beautiful fat prawns this jakoon ever seen and tasted...we kept swooning over it man!

the Yellow Café man himself, and yours truly! a privilege to be sure :)

aush and ms cool-as-cucumber

miss janice in person to investigate this cool Yellow Café to see what kind of a hjinks it can get me up to :P

pretty belle bel enjoying our last afternoon at the café by the beach

Already i'm planning my next trip and ive only been back nearly 3 days... well life's an adventure right and dont hold your breath, cos the trains leavin' and im ON it!