Friday, 30 January 2009

tipped off my rocker

nobody shall be forced to commit to, do and say anything even slightly against their will. it is God's will that we live our lives the way we want it to.

think about it: precious few things are grave enough to become an actual obstacle in the path you're wending through. its like a snowflake - depending how serious you want that obstacle to be - it can melt away to nothing, or become aggravated enough to snowball, literally, into something that totally prevents you from making your way across to point b.

im doing this at the office on the last friday before the second-last cny weekend. a friend of mine asked "when was the last proper date you went on?" and that started the clogs workin i tell you! and truth was, i tinkered with my thoughts here, there, everywhere...and i couldnt tell you when i last felt like the universe rocked my soul. funnily enough, i lunched with my occasional lunch buddy just now and we talked about being with a true love. my friend gravely admitted that he had never felt that rocked-my-soul way with any girl hes been with before... and that got both of us a little sobered up. and kinda worried. HAHA.

haihs, anyways, i have a cny open house thingy at the bf's house together with 20 over eager relatives. uh oh. people, let's keep a lid on things ok? or in other words, shut your foul pie trap before i stuff that irritating pie hole of yours with a dozen mandarins. HEHE.

haihs...neways people, have a great firecrackin' cny...go BULLy everyone shorter than you, and be sure not to set anything aflame. tata and muaks to all :)