Sunday, 24 February 2008

A searin' good time in Malacca (16 to 17 Feb)

The idea about making a short weekend getaway actually stemmed from rachel's pre-term start at uni...and of course the ever-tightening budget. I put some pictures below to update you guys in a show-tell scroll on and enjoy!
Kristie and Rachel posing for my cam whilst we waited for the slow Babas to snail through the check-in process for all visitors that day...

Rachel lookin' all pweety and plum blossomy :)

All washed up, fresh and ready to rumble along Jonker street the next morning!

And we walked, and we walked, and we walked all day...with our determined heels and zest for shopping...on we persevered!

Then i came across this fascinating looking temple with rather-4D designs on their pillars and walls... posed quickly for my cam cos i was worried the worshippers might come marching out! Heheee...

And then we walked until we neared the Fort, which was bustling with activites and trishaws and radiantly coloured to lift the mood of the town...ermm, and then mat poser came out again.

We stopped for some delicious cendol that made the 3 of us swoon almostly indecently in delight. HEHEH...

This was the 2nd round of icy indulgences that we just couldnt turn a blind tastebud to. Kristie was the only one who ordered a mango something, which was uniquely different from our same, boring but ooh-la-la choices! See, the 3 of us had to squeeze onto our spot at the corner of a small table becos the kiasus took up positions already. Vell, anyway its still good to learn how we werent the only ones who condemn the kiasus! :D

Our last stop for that short weekend was for some chicken rice balls that malacca is quite renowned for. Well, we had some of that at some K-something kopitiam where we went through some trial and errors and you know, i aint going back there again! Prefer the 2nd restaurant along Jonker Walk.

All in all, we fought valiantly through the throngs of kiasus, bore the heat, shopped to fitness and ate to put it all back on. I'd definitely go back again for a nighter!

When St Valentine was executed

Yea here's a lil update on my celebration of the executing of that Valentine guy.
Anyways, we, like most commercialised couples of today, decided to squander some dough on D day to revel in cupid's atmosphere. So, bebe and i went to Italiannies for their Vday dinner sets, which were really quite something!!

Italiannies lost precious brownie points with us though because of baaaad time management. BAD. Seats were lined up outside te restaurant for most of the 730s. See, their dinner slots were scheduled at 630, 730 and 830. So obviously they were all of a fluster when the 630s werent quite ready to leave yet and 730s were early OR on the dot for their dinner slots. As a pathetic gesture of hospitality, 1 or 2 of their staff gave out small plastic cups of coke to those of us who were waiting and getting increasingly sullen. See again, PATHETIC being the keyword here. The other Italiannies staff looked the other way while the cokes were served, and newcomers waiting in line were not served any drinks.

Bebe and i even had to share a coke because he had gone to check out the temporary-borrowed dining arrangements setup at Laundry, 2nd floor. That was terrible, to say the least. We, the wanna-dine-at-Italiannies peeps are there for the food, atmosphere and service! What in the whole wide blinking moon would we be doing there if we said okay to being shunted to some smoky, dreary area to dine on a special Vday Italiannies dinner set?? What's more, the Italiannies staff didnt dare promise us if it was going to be too noisy and smoker-crowded up there. Of course it was a big NO from the word go and we waited amongst other couple for our turn to dine indoors. Thank gawd it didnt take long, cos if the mood was lost no amount of apologies or flowers could revive it.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Muka (Suay) Buku

I do think prolonged absences from my blog can be attributed to work; or the fact that like a homing pigeon, i zoom head-on into my room to listen to country, read my TIME mag or novel.

My lack of blogging can also be attributed to facebook (that, and a few other things also la). Facebook's pretty messy, and not to mention annoying too. That said, i'm sure friends have noticed my lack of interest whatsoever in werewolves, bumbling bibbersquacks and other such ninnys. These days, i remember to check in on facebook only after i see tons of irritating notifications in my inbox. Btw, how does one get rid of the email notifications? I already pre-set my notifications settings as desired but still all the nonsense flock into my mail box! GRRRRRRR...

Anyways, that thread is exhausted so i'll move on to the next episode.