Sunday, 14 October 2007

i am a hero(ine) !

got this 'which female action hero are you?' quiz from dear ms. yong :D (hehe)
really dunno what to make of my results! ah well...

Which Female Action Hero Are You?

You are The Bride. When you get an idea in your head, you simply won't let it go! You constantly search for normalcy, love, and sometimes revenge--and your vicious stubbornness inspires you to fight to the death to get what you want.
Find Your Character @

Sunday, 7 October 2007

many funnies in the sun

Hey hos :P decided to upload some of my Bali pictures...just acting on a whim la. Had a lot of fun, beautiful place to shop and get beached :) Look see look see my captioned pictures!

sporting a rather gleeful expression while browsing my way through the street lined with shops, cafe, restaurants, accommodations etc

gave in to my craving for a local Bintang beer while dining at Mades Warung after some shopping...

i think i got a lil 'ding-dong' after my beer...sigh, what a waste of a long night ahead! must be the cina genes...

dined at Bubba Gump's, a themed restaurant from the movie Forrest Gump! interesting place and servers...order a margarita and watch what happens next!

signages that are fun to flip to construe orders! hehe...oh no the elmo in me is resurfacing...

hmm...pork tenderloin strips smell and taste so yummy!!!

the spread that was ordered at Bubba Gump's...really awesome ooh-la-la stuff.

a really beautiful view of the sun's glowing embers near sundown... went sightseeing at this temple and stood on a steep cliff overlooking the crashing waves down below!

these temple monkeys were really naughty man...up to the point of grabbing personal belongings from tourists! damaged and chewed items like necklaces, camera pouches, snack packs etc were held tightly in their grasps.

me enjoying the fresh coastal air by the cliff...was a lil apprehensive of the monkeys grabbing my hair though!! :S

you wouldnt believe what an absolute wonder twas to just lay on a deck chair and breathe in the salty ocean air and feel white fine sand between your toes :)) must be mother nature's form of a relaxant!

SEE! white sands, locals and expats litter Dreamland beach... i still find myself catching my breath in my throat when i imagine those crisp cool 15-degree-celsius waves and clear skies overhead!

i was trying my hardest not to burst out laughing as i posed against the wind at one of the more commercial beaches...ppl thought we were doin a photoshoot!

fuyoo...dunno what i was doing...probably catwalking my way to the showers to get the sand off :)

i think this was my last night in Bali. so it was more shopping, eating, swimming at Vira Bali's quaint lil pool and chilling by the fountain before i was deported to KL... :P sigh no more d for now...n'er mind, more exotic destinations to come in time thats for sure! till then, its TTFN! :*

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Haiyooo ive just started blogging a few liners and im inclined to complain already :P(some ppl might be rolling their eyes now, HAHA) Anyways, its been quite a day today and ive actually just finished copying some songs to my boss's removable hard disk so yes, he gonnbe a happy man :) You know why, one thing led to another when he hitched a ride in my car to KL and so happened he liked hearing the songs i was playing in it! So right now im listening to a mixture of melancholys + retros and its soooo enlightening i tell u!!! Hehe :)
Actually right after work just now, my boss and us writers went off to a buka puasa session that a client invited us to at kay el chi chi :) I practically gorged myself on sushi, sashimi, ikan bakar, kangkong w sotong, fresh greens, olives, tandoori chicken & naan, agar2, fruits... WAHHH ;P haha... We didnt finish too late, surprisingly! We all left klcc at about 9pm then boss very kindly dropped us off separately at our cars!
Guess what, got a lil actually pouring my heart (and lungs) out to brian adams & barbara streisand's i finally found someone... romantic-nya! Anyways, this song holds more for me than just the soppy love notes innit. My cousin 'kahcheng' and our friends in klang remind me of happier times too...sigh. He's somewhere in saudi working his ass off now, will probably be back end of the year then we can hula2 or sumthing.... :))
Aiyoh lookie yonder its twelvish dee...i gotta go crash yall... will keep the updates comin'... hehe :P