Saturday, 28 July 2007

leaving ms. melancholy behind

Kaj and i have gone solo, each onto different paths and these couple of days have been a very difficult time for me, and probably for him too. Instead of dwelling on uncertainties and what not, i guess the best option now is for us to take this very bold step and pursue our individual goals. He has been extremely gracious in handling our relationship with delicate care and in remaining firm friends with me! I really cannot thank him enough for all that he has done for me while we were together...thanks a gazillion, babe! He is one of the best experiences that ever happened to me and bloody hell, I would do it all over again! :) The next inevitable step of course, is to lighten up...laugh about bullcrap with family and friends... and eventually, even share our endless love for laughter with someone else. This is it for now... update on Bali trip soon!
Peace out, love to all... :)

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Back i go to Daorae

Yeah i went back to Daorae again, this time with my whole family! There was mummy dearest, daddy-o, kitty kou & hubby...and there was lil ol' me.
Check out the dishes we order mummy and i didnt have main orders otherwise more food woulda gone wasted...we had some rather unique dishes - cold raw beef with shredded chinese pears, buckwheat noodles (with hard boiled egg and all) in cold clear soup, chunks of beef ribs (to burn, baby, burn!) and Bulgogi. This one wasnt the beef that was meant for the was glass noodles with yummy beef and sauce steaming in a stone bowl!

Yeah man...we sat and ate our way through (chug, chug, chug!) for about a couple of sittings...i guess we all started out famished and ended up extremely satiated and sleepy...we even had several tastings from the shochu mummy & papa were sharing! ;)

It certainly looks as if we had a blast didnt we? Yeah...:D great times are with your loved ones...catch yall later now...TTFN!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

its raining again...on me...

I had a fantastic night out with my colleague yesterday, really couldnt have asked for a better conversation exchange, socialising and shit. Came back still a lil woozy from flu, so i popped an extremely drowsy flu tablet before i headed upstairs and crashed.
Even though i awoke at 1130am this morning, right now im about as perky as eeyore... my damn flu la, disturbing the peaceful abode i reside. Started out as a couple of sneezes, then subsequently a nose passage got blocked...SIGH...I cant begin to describe how down and sleepy this flu's making me...exactly like that dear donkey in the forest :) well, that managed to put a smile on me face!

Right about now all the sniffling has made me just sleepy and anti-social! SIGH... anyways, cant stay home moping a friend's akad nikah to attend at 8pm sharp! Hopefully my stomach's well enough then, was feeling a little roller coasty this whole afternoon. Im trying to perk myself up, so right now im thinking...whole roast lambs, curries, sambal, kurma, ketupat and stuffs ahead of me! Precisely the menu i should be avoiding actually! S I G H... well, alls well that ends well... see how lah thats my 777 for today. Makan some TGIF takeout, getting ready to roll in tall and pweety to share in a friend's happy day. Here's wishing all of u a good night ahead! muaks..

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


I havent kept in touch with a handful of friends for all different reasons... and now im feeling darn guilty abt it! Like i said, not wanting to go out and not wanting to keep in constant contact are becos of various reasons derived from complicated human beans... anyways, im kinda missing a couple of em now and im not sure if i should make the first move, yknow...since im such a tightarse and all :) SIGH... i think im in trouble...HELL...ELP...i know i dont make much sense...