Thursday, 29 November 2007

xmas gifts should thy give & receive?

christmas is coming lor.... and im in a dilemma...a pleasant one for a change, of not knowing what gifts to get for HERs and HIMs! any ideas pls, id love to hear some from you guys.. meanwhile the clock is ticking down to xmas and its TICK TOCK! TICK TOCK! hurry! hehe muaks... :)

Sunday, 25 November 2007

never did know much

there are just too many things id like to start off this entry with and i dunno which. i wanna start off the right footing cos i dont want the dreary context of this beginning to tag me as i go along! *sigh* oh well.
i guess my beginning might as well take the form of how im feeling...and what describes me best at present is "silent tears in a city of stone..."
gosh i left the punishing, suicide-inducing life back at sg and now im deep in the pit again... i guess ending it all means un-feeling all these...oh well, anyways christmas is coming, ho ho and la dee da.