Thursday, 23 August 2007

one ooh-la-la birthday!

Turning a year older last night was really a whole new experience for me! keke...but then again, how many times does one turn 85?? :P My adorable Donkey Kong took me to CafeCafe KL where the ambience blew me away, i must admit he did succeed in impressing me with such a dinner and also being the hunky dory he is (keke). Really was bowled over by the decor within! Think dark elegant draperies, champagne glasses, french cuisine, millions of chandelier glass twinkling overhead and YOU'VE GOT IT, beh beh! ;) Smiling waiters in a mysterious cavern of victorian beauty are at your service with oh-so-glorious food and wine/liquor/coffee liquer/tonics/ fruities/etc... We re-educated ourselves on table etiquette and ate steadily through norwegian salmon, spaghetti heaped with bolognese sauce and seafood... I'm even swooning over those times as i sit here and write this now :) All the while we chatted and caught up on the day to day as we washed our chatter-dry throats down with one truely unique iced lemon tea and a Fosters (how could i not?)! Coming back home, i was very happy that kristie and james were there too, so we could all enjoy the cheese cake Donkey Kong bought from the place where it has our certified 'chop' of goodness :P He was really very sweet and i'm sure he got the idea of my Simpsons' cake from my overexcited reenactment of Homer and Bart's antics! Gaaaa! hehe... Time to time, i sometimes tell people close to me how some of my 21/8s do not feel like my special day - thats simply because i havent been made to feel special! This time, I would say that YESH, this birdday has got my big fat 'sirim chop' all over it :D Anyhoo, enjoy browsing through the pictures below as i have and smile away! See picture, see picture! hehe. *HUGS*

Friday, 3 August 2007

merrily the donkeys roll along

A big HARO to all the people who keep tabs on me :P !
I got a fairly new announcement to make:
I'm attached now, and i'm loving every day with my guy... :)
I've known him for a couple of months now and we just thought it was high time (after the kajan break) that we got a move on with life and onto all the sweet episodes it's just waiting for us to experience! To those who might be worried about my quick transition, thank you for your really sweet thoughts :) but i believe i looked high and low before i took that leap. Time and tide really waits for no man and my recent new 'labelling' has proven to me that troubles really only lasts as long as you keep dwelling on it.
Okay then, i'll stop right here fer now but stay alongside me as we gallop toward a better future! :)