Sunday, 13 May 2007

grandma's passing

went up to melaka as planned yesterday on saturday morning and guess what, its sunday afternoon and ive been home long since then... my ah ma passed on early saturday evening, and for one, im real glad she aint suffering any more pain. secondly, kristie, james, babes and i were all there with my mum so we could all lend a comforting shoulder or 2.
right now, most of our family members are already in jb where the funeral procession is taking place in the house. when i called her earlier to wish her 'happy mother's day', she said she was happy that all the family is a happy reunion! anyways, i stayed back cos of dreaded deadlines...but the funeral will take a full 5 days so ill go on down to add on to the hub bub anyways :) dunno how long a leave i will be granted when i see the boss monday. well...see how la. meanwhile, all you fellas take good care of yourselves and be happy!

Thursday, 10 May 2007

claire and hayden

Heroes was fantastically awesome, as my colleague said it would be...! i believe that there are still some out there who havent watched a single episode! How can?!! haih...anyways...this time the plot started out all twisty and yummily...with added suspense and drama and all. you discover that some moved on with their lives, some died...the bad 'uns became more powerful...(gasp!)
claire and niki are as pretty as ever! nathan is...ooh lala... the plot presents the story as if he died have liked to be handed over his flying prowess! HEHE... what i watched were just episodes 19 & 20... cant wait to watch more of the magic and fantasy unfold! omg...i just remembered i still have desperate housewives to catch up come that sounded pathetic to me the moment it was typed...geez. anyways, ketchup soon! :)

Tuesday, 8 May 2007


"there he goes again". that was the first thought that came to mind when he was put on another 'job' this evening. the fact that he called me after dinner to say he was asked to fix something in town instead lightened things up a little...but still, doesnt count for much, if u catch my drift.

im home. just had my dinner and was watching the telly when i felt like it was time to tell my blog more stories. so here i am!

today was one of those okay days. i actually felt kinda numb, not even having the energy to protest when more work was heaped onto me shoulders. oh well, deep inside my career brain i knew these extra responsibilities were coming. anyways, gonna be watching the first 2 episodes of the new season of Heroes tonight!! my colleague informed me this morning of how farking awesome she found the episodes..."must-watch man.." she said. well, thats good enough for me! story you soon... :)

Saturday, 5 May 2007

hit me

i dunno what to make of my boyfriend's job. the schedule that demands his time is never timely (if ever there is one), and murphy's law sure as hell guarantees that work takes him away at awkward intervals. i dont know whether anything is right anymore and im quite sure there would come a time where 'the job' and 'the girl' will come to a head. all is fair in love and war... we'll see.