Friday, 28 November 2008

A, B, C, kiam chai cha loh ti!

Took this alphabet tag outta kristie's blog.

A. Attached or single ? - attached
B. Best friend? – a rare few
C. Cake or pie? - hmm tough choice...make that a pie.
D. Day of choice? - sattiday
E. Essential item? - mobile phone
F. Favorite colour? - green at the mo...
G. Gummy bears or worms? – bears...if it takes too long to gum it into submission it gets jelak
H. Hometown? – j.b.c. yo!
I. Favourite indulgence? – alcohol
J. January or July? - july lor
K. Kids? – not-so-teeny-anymore handsome nephew
L. Life isn’t complete without? - fun. all other things stem from happiness
M. Marriage date? – none
N. Number of magazine subscriptions? - none
O. Orange or apple? - apple
P. Phobias? – nictophobia, ghost phobia, pediophobia, slight entophobia, aphephobia (by women)
Q. Quotes? – as happy as a clam at high tide
R. Reasons to smile? – when feeling happy
S. Season of choice? – autumn
T. Tag 5 people – kristie, poh lin, doris, nicholas, james, jayden
U. Unknown facts about me? – abnormal mindset
V. Vegetable? – squash
W. Worst habit? – bad uns...
X-ray or ultrasound? – many x-rays...
Y. Your favourite food(s)? – western, jap, mexican, thai, spanish, italian...
Z. Zodiac sign – LEO the BOSS!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Squares for the Squires

NO, we’re not talking about square dancing.

These are Tai Thong’s infamous BBQ Meat squares, and it’s guaranteed to send you into transports of culinary delight!

A well-loved and sought after festive offering, Tai Thong’s tender BBQ Meat has long impressed a long legion of fans who savour its sweet and flavoursome taste. Garnished on congee, noodles, or sandwiched between bread, the BBQ Meat has also proven to be a highly proficient snack on its own.

Tai Thong’s BBQ Meat is individually vacuum-packed to retain that fresh-from-the-oven succulence. Available in three choices of Sliced Pork Meat (RM38 per 500g), Minced Pork Meat (RM38 per 500g) and Minced Chicken Meat (RM38 per 500g), each purchase is packaged in a matte, traffic-stopping red box that is charmingly adorned with plum blossoms to beckon the festivities forward! Drop these pretty boxes of goodies into similarly themed gift bags and voila! You’re all set to impress your corporate clients, other associates and colleagues. Tai Thong’s BBQ Meat is the town’s latest buzzword! Don’t forget to amaze your family and friends too, give them something to yap about other than taboo topics.

Tai Thong’s BBQ Meat is so darn good, you’ll want more. Bulk purchases entitle you to a 10% discount. Kindly contact me for your bookings/purchases or log on to the Tai Thong website at for more details.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Ssshhhuckalaka baby!

Time is making fools of us again. When has it ever been fair anyway?

Being in the here and now, i try looking back through the 10 or so months of flimsy memories and it becomes pretty clear to me how daunting it is to attempt condensing this whole year.

First thing that comes back to me as sharp as the images of reality (cos it is) is my newfound job. Every other little thing that has differed in my routine has some impact on my lifestyle and self. I’ve been on the right and wrong end of a Tebori needle and i suppose i’ve glint something from what not to do. Still, i’ve gone through pretty noisome episodes and i’m still none too clear about where each wrong has made its right.

The next case (for want of a better word) this year is of course the lovely piece of property that nicholas and i purchased earlier in july. I remember those teatime sessions in the star cafeteria, where we held earnest conversations about the house. The topics we covered ranged from pricing, porch tiles, contemporary bathrooms, crafty yet practical interiors, dobby’s living area and letting space for nic’s fish imports, making meals and doing laundry together... Sigh, my eyes are becoming a little glazed over this as my fingers chicken type across the’s that for a start!

But of course this isn’t really a start for me, per say. After all, i moved like a nomad from jb to klang, to Australia, then back to klang (but in a different camp), then to subang where yours truly had to oversee contractors for renovations and buy all the thingajigs to furnish the whole house. Doing up a house in terms of rectifying and beautifying can be a right pain in the crack bone, i can tell you that. Never mind the vision of a charming home and its pleasing innards, irritation knows no boundaries. Thankfully, this happy burden falls onto both nic and me to shoulder, so its gonna be a 50-50 snowjob this coming Christmas. Heave-ho, heave-ho! Hehe :)

Neways, Pohlin and i plan to be fly away end of December so that we can laze around on the beach and wave away irksome guys like flies :P Ocos we gonna tan until every pore is filled with grains of paradise sand! Hehehohohaha. We’re gonna eat yummy good food, prance around, do some pub hopping, prance around summore, swim, hopefully make some decent friends... yeayy! The closer it draws nearer to December the more excited i feel! Me feels the tinglings in me spines!

More on the happenings later when the New Year comes. Meantime, we’ll breathe in and out all day along, laugh, heave an occasional sigh, fart, cry, grumble, sigh, and start it all over again... until the next big thing comes along.

Till then folks, l e t s