Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Baptised - Jayden Benedict - my Godson

All in all an eventful and definitely a very meaningful day for the whole family :) Check out the few pics below...captioned to hit the point home. For more peeks, visit Kristie's blog.

Mummy with Jayden Benedict (check out the ji-gong moves from the martial arts sifu), Kenneth, James, Kristie, Papa, Me, Kathy, Krischelle, Tita Kim & Christian

The baptism ritual: wetting tai ko's head with holy water beneath the sign of the cross and the annointing with the oil. Think Jayden was pretty amused with the water activity...

"Baptised! I am apparently now the holiest and saintliest of you all...WAHAHA..."

Mummy Jay, the big man himself - Jayden Benedict, and his Godmother, ME. I'm his beloved auntie janice & Godmum. Gosh, I'm like 3/4s of a surrogate mother! I'm Jayden's fairy Godmother....I'm his Godma. Wanna tell you a secret: I've been duty-bound to serve as Godmama. Did I mention I'm officially his Godmother? HAHAHAHA