Sunday, 6 January 2008

tis the new year 2008

yea it's a new year and all that jargon.

all i wish for is a better 12-month ordeal this year of the rat and of course, along with this hope will be dropped habits as well as learned ones.

new year, new hairstyle - says my stylist :P
the pic below was taken recently at a step-cousin's wedding dinner

the words 'new year resolution(s)' used to make me look the other way... but i discovered one thing; make just 1 or 2 really true-to-your-heart resolutions and make them come true! (or die trying) i realised how rewarding it feels when you've met a resolution - in february last year, i quit smoking cold turkey style.

so of cos this new year im putting another 1 or 2 on my list... mainly things to learn by the end of 2008... so, more updates in time to come! toodles!!!