Monday, 25 June 2007


Last wednesday i made a casual suggestion to go check out Daorae, a korean bbq place in taipan, and babes got really enthusiastic about it. and i managed to rope kristie in for the meal too! Parking was a bitch though...kristie met us in taipan cos she already happened to be there checking out a clothes store.

Daorae happens to be a rather upmarket place, with an inviting environment and friendly waiters who offer very good service! Every table has one waiter assigned to serve those patrons and our table had 2, all the better! The 2 waiters bowed and gave us suggestions for bbq, smiled at us, cooked for us, served onto our plates and even wrapped the delicious thingies in lettuce in ready-to-eat forms for us! They practically did everything but curtsey to us i think :P

What does one order when faced with endless choices of korean marinated meats, noodles, rice/noodles served in steaming stonewares, korean savoury pancakes, condiments and etc??? I ordered the simplest of choices - authentic kimchi soup with my order of seafood and sticky rice.

Id have to admit though, that the bbq spread Kaj ordered tasted much better than my kimchi soup. Perhaps the soup woulda had more of that sourish flavour if they hadnt mixed a whole egg in it! It really was a surprise that this was the first time i was disappointed in kimchi soup! Oh well, id just have to keep that in mind IF i re-order that same dish.

We yakked and ate our way through this culinary bulgogi and kimchi journey, and kept the waiters busy refilling our vege, fat taugeh & kimchi condiments. I was quite astonished that we managed to whack all there was on the table!
Daorae Korean BBQ can be a rather pocket-emptying place though, get a group of hungry hunks and bitches if you want an authentic taste of cuisine served with courtesy found nowhere else!

Friday, 8 June 2007

niki & jessica sanders

Seen that movie "Mean Girls"? Recently i suddenly came to the realisation that i was a mean person. i actually felt that i had selfishly left me to fend for myself...that make sense? Im not saying im a total samaritan, but i think i dunked the niceties and stepped outta myself for a break. i dont know la.

One positive thing arose from that la at least. Looking on at the situation from an outsider's perspective did help clear things up for a bit...u know that saying "an onlooker sees most of the game"? sentiments exactly. Anyways, more importantly i dropped the fcked-up ego trip like a steamin pile o cowdung because i realise how mean i was to people around me, especially my loved ones who definitely dont need to stand around listening to my crap!

So what i could least establish at this point was to apologise lor... chicago really nailed it on the head with "hard to say im sorry"! i might not be aunt agony or whats-her-face, but i do know that most of the valuable life lessons u pick up are from regrettable/bitter experiences. hold onto that and think about it, it really makes sense! In the end just make sure these "donts" stay inside that mush of yours. Oh gawd am soooo sleepy, am drained out, my energies sapped and dried out like a prune :P Gotta take off good fellas.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

along came u

today was supposed to be another routine work day...that was all written in the stars but then this fella came along and brightened up my day :) does have its ups and downs dont it? and all the fun and attractive 'bonuses' whizz by us on a conveyor belt that prevents us from reaching an arm out in time to get at the little buggers.
oh well... whoever said that line "nothing is perfect"...i hear ye dude.