Wednesday, 8 April 2009

one frenny deserves another

Went out with a friend of mine on one of those standard nights where our routines hardly varied, and of course we still managed to have quite a lotta fun :) NO i refute the fact that insinuates that i might be boring. HMPH.

Anyways, it seemed to me that we just talked and talked. Like what most of my guy friends would say to me (on a disturbingly regular basis), he pointed out to me that I’m a scary person. Hmph, i said. You people don’t have the balls to stand up to the stronger of the ‘weaker’ sex. Haha i must admit that was pretty stimulating conversation aka debate we had and we cheered each other with beers to cool down and forget the mock animosity. Each cheer also labelled the "loser" who couldn’t outtalk the other. TEEHEE :) i mean, no la i ain’t that mean... i just find it funny is all! Anyways there’s always a gazillion chances to one that i might be tagged the loser next time aite?!

According to him, he learned a new phrase from me that night, which was "it’s just too bad lah". Thing is, merely saying the stuff isn’t good have to cast your gaze downwards, practically roll those peepers from left to right like a pendulum, and add the finishing touches with a shoulder shrug - both palms up. Try it and chances are you’ll feel like you can explain away any wrongdoing. And er...any guilt that arises from that. THEN frenny iced the whole thing over by reminding me that i am one of the lucky ones. I’d have to admit i went blanko for a while, then i had to prompt for an explanation. What he explained after that was so ridiculously simple i really couldn’t believe - no.1: the impact it had on me - no.2: how insignificant my troubles looked after that, - and no.3: what a whiner and indecisive shrew ive been.

Of course, good lessons are never easily forgotten are they? I suppose mine will stay for quite a while, and the trouble is I’m known for short term memory relapses. HEHE :) So here’s to more knowledge/wisdom from the most unexpected places! Cheers.