Thursday, 16 July 2009

fuckheads in the tube

not fucking happy at all with the one-way communication tunnel the bosses are using to 'talk' to us. after all, we're but mere STAFF arent we!

bring nestlings in and give them names but no proper intro, designation, scope - he/she works together with another poor sucker or do we have to report to that he/she-who-deserves-to-be-whacked? fucking talk to us for chrissake. dont just fucking pop someone new into our midst and expect things to go beautifully.
fuck YOU. tell us why and what is the nincompoop here for! some of us have worked years, yet to be compensated in more ways than one, as far as i can see.

in the meantime, i am unfuckinghappy, definitely, and i dont give 2 shits about brand new albinos who come in tweeting and try to bend me to their will. no effing way man, id rather slap their faces around with a resignation letter than listen to their feeble bleating. im all riled up for war now. bring it on bitches and bastards.

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