Tuesday, 26 December 2006

mi bio de veras

Her earliest memories were a confusing mixture of emotions that consumed her like merciless vultures. Silent tears were shed when she learned that her grandfather pre-purchased his own resting place for when he died. No, she thought. I don’t want Ah Kong to die.

Other painful memories floated back incessantly; others called her a fat kid on the school bus. The light that shone from her eyes dimmed when her crush avoided her like the plague. Elder relatives constantly compared her to her peers who were higher achievers, prettier and more popular at school.

And she wept. Her heart tightened painfully as she recalled being teased about her bulky frame and the fact that she didn’t have a boyfriend to wear on her arm like a trophy. She wept for all the injustice and meanness that occurred to people like her. Just because she did not conform to the standards of society.


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