Friday, 24 November 2006

rescued the damsel has been...

I'm attached to another company i think you can imagine the initial period of adjustment and work im contending with! anyways, this awesome segment that im in right now...i really couldnt ask for more... the Man upstairs only gives us so much that He knows we can step at a time dearie, no rush! :)

have you heard of that song "fame" by the talented irene cara? im just so besotted with it and i cant pinpoint any particular reason(s) why...might be the song title for all i know :P

well anyways, im seeing someone really wonderful now (yeah, like a bf stewpid) and i cant wait to experience all the fun times that are still in store for us and our loved ones!

now, its been about 2 weeks since kristie & james' wedding dinner and my, were we all sloshed and happy! twas really a fun-filled family-turned-entertainers night :) if happiness could be weighed, our families and friends would have been broken a clean hole through the floors of the resort ballroom! Later...nah i dont think so.

~abrupt ending~